Fibreglass Pot Water Features

Most of our fibreglass pots can be set up as water features, either overflowing or self-contained.  With the overflowing option, you need to install a pond as a reservoir for the water with the pump positioned in the pond.   In the self-contained option, the water falls back into the same pot.  The pump is installed in the pot and the electrical cable exits neatly at the bottom of the pot via an electrical gland. You just add water and switch on.

Venice x3 water feature pots

3 Venice medium pots cascading into a 1500 diameter half-round pond.  Also suitable to cascade into swimming pools.

Sydney tall water feature pots

3 x Sydney Tall pots overflowing into a 1800 x 900 x 300 deep fiberglass pond.

Cannes self contained water feature pot

Cannes Medium Self-contained water feature.  The self-contained pot water features have the pump installed in the bottom of the pot.  A grid with a trap door gives easy access to the pump and pebbles can be packed on top of the grid.  Just plug and play.

Cannes small Ring Fountain

Cannes Small with Ring Fountain in 1500 round fiberglass pond.  We supply the pond, the ring-fountain, the pump and the pot.

Venice Med Overflowing

Venice pot over flowing into a 900 x 900 x 300 deep pond

Ole Large and Ball

Ole large with ball set up in a self-contained water feature.

Pedestal and Ball large

Ball & Pedestal Large overflowing into a 1200 x 1200 x 300 deep pond

Venice large self contained pot

Venice large self-contained pot, no installation needed, just plug in and switch on.

Ole Water Feature

Ole Large, Medium and Small with Copper Pipes