Stainless Steel Rim Flows

Single Water shoot

We manufacture a range of quality stainless steel rim flows ideal for water features, koi ponds and swimming pools

  • This is a beautiful formal addition to any water feature, koi pond or swimming pool.
  • Ideal to be installed in a wall next to the feature.
  • Recommended to cascade from a height of not more than 800mm
  • Allow for a throw of about 100mm depending on the size of the pump.
  • Pump size can be calculated to be between 800 and 1200 liter per 100mm of width of water blade.
  • We recommend 316 or 304 stainless steel for water features and koi ponds.  Only 316 stainless steel can be used in chlorinated pools.
  • No stainless steel fittings are recommended for salt water systems
  • Click on the following link to download the Stainless Steel Water Chutes brochure


The photo below is of 700mm stainless steel rim flow installed in a fiberglass rock panel

Wall Panel ss shoot & Pond # 2